Anna Carson

Carson is awarded a Silver Key for her work

By: Morgan Leth

Sophomore student Ana Carson has been writing for as long as she can remember. Entering every competition she can, most times recommended to her by her teachers, she always performs outstandingly. The last competition she entered was the 2022 Scholastic Writing Competition in which she got a silver key. Her award also granted her a $5,000 scholarship to Hastings College, and her poetry was published in a book alongside other students’ work. 

“I was stunned when I was told by my teacher that I had placed in the competition and won a scholarship. I was very excited, but I didn’t know that would happen!” admitted Carson. 

Carson has always been drawn to writing, starting out as many young children with stories. She liked writing so much, that in 4th grade, she started working on a novel, but as her talents grew, Carson realized she preferred poetry over prose.

“I don’t really have a specific inspiration. I decided one day that I preferred poetry over novel writing, so I talked with my teacher about entering my writing in competitions,” explained Carson. 

Carson draws inspiration from her life in much of her writing. The piece she wrote last year that had her placed so highly was a poem about paranoia titled, “My Protector, Paranoia.” She mentioned all of her pieces are generally themed around love. This year she will focus on theming her writing on her experience with first love, and has already started her writing process..

“It can take me any amount of time. Writing a poem could honestly take me anywhere from 3 minutes to 3 months,” said Carson. “There is even a poem I have been working on since the 8th grade, and I keep thinking it is finished, but I just keep adding to it,”

Carson already knows that she wants to enter the 2023 Scholastic Writing Competition again this year, but with multiple pieces instead of one. . She may also try entering more scholarship competitions that pop up throughout the year. 

“I don’t know that I would ever take up writing full-time as a career, but I do love writing very much and will always continue to do it though. Even if only as a hobby,” said Carson.

Below is an Exerpt from Anna's Poem “My Protector, Paranoia”

       Traffic Lights

       Your favorite color is red

       Mine is green

       Together we make yellow

       Green means go

       Red means stop

       Yellow means slow down

       Maybe we should have taken the hint