Breakfast Runza Diagram by Camdyn Beirow

The righteous way to start your day

By: Benjamin VanDiest 

From GO BIG RED! to Valentino’s and Dorthy Lynch to Runza, these modern staples of Nebraska Culture are what bind us together.  Even when Nebraska can’t win football games, we can collectively thank God for Runza selling their mouthwatering sandwiches filled with yumminess in the stadium! 

Runza has so many amazing and delicious options to choose from. They have an original Runza, a cheese Runza, a spicy jack Runza, a southwest Runza, a cheeseburger Runza, not to mention a BBQ Runza, and a BLT Runza. There are numerous combinations to choose from; however, they are lacking one crucial staple…a breakfast Runza. 

Wouldn’t a Runza filled with flavorful sausage, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, golden brown hashbrowns, and traditional Runza cabbage taste delicious? The best part though is you could have the breakfast Runza at any time of the day. Imagine sitting in Memorial Stadium and eating a breakfast Runza while cheering with 90,000 enthusiastic Husker Fans on a crips fall day! 

With 85 Runza locations spanning 3 states, a breakfast Runza would be a hot commodity in the central United States. In 1949 Sally Everett and her brother, Alex Brening opened up the first Runza in Lincoln, Nebraska. Over the course of 53 years, Runza introduced a variety of “Oven Stuff’d” sandwiches including, a cheeseburger Runza, a teriyaki Runza, and a BBQ bacon Runza. Runza, now is the time to take the next giant step and release the breakfast Runza beast to your faithful patrons in the Midwest. 

Runza, I’m leaving you with this…how comforting would a warm breakfast Runza taste on a bitterly cold Temperature Tuesday in January?