New bathrooms

DT renovates its bathroom just in time for the 2022-2023 school year

By: Kayla Kennedy 

Doniphan-Trumbull adds a new look to their school with a new face to the men’s and women’s bathrooms for the upstairs and downstairs restrooms in the high school. The renovation was needed due to the bathrooms being original to the school in 1982 and the beating they’ve taken through these years; they needed a new reconstruction. As DT elementary did a revamp on their bathrooms several years ago, the time has come for a renovation in the high school. 

“Since the bathrooms were part of the original construction of the school, this renovation was necessary,” says the head of custodial staff, Mr. Scott Sjuits. 

Inspiring this look was a collaboration between Mr. Jeremy Braden, the superintendent at DT, Sjuts, and Cardinal Construction, who completed the renovations. 

The refurbishment started with new gray slate tile along the floors and up the walls of the bathrooms. The school's colors, red back, and white appear on subway tile along the bathroom walls, adding a splash of color to the otherwise gray tile. The option for new sinks was another addition the team decided on inputting into the bathrooms. The school went with one white sink reaching along the wall with three faucets and automatic soap dispensers under a new full mirror above the sink to top off the new hand washing station look. Lastly, the hands-free paper towel dispenser is another addition to the new look in the bathrooms for Doniphan-Trumbull. 

“I really like the design of the bathrooms; it makes it look more modern and a great new upgrade to our school,” says Senior, Addie Fay.

This new look was necessary and the renovation was lengthy. The new bathrooms started their refurbishment in the first part of July and the construction lasted until the start of August. During these two months, the staff was eager to see the final look of the bathrooms and hoped they would be finished by the start of the school year. After the renovation was finished the revamp was complete and DT school is grateful for the new look and the new addition to the school. 

“The new bathrooms are a really nice way to highlight our school during activities,” says Mr. Tyler Mogilefsky, the athletic director at DT.