Years of Service

Doniphan-Trumbull Public Schools concluded their academic year for students on Friday, May 20th, and celebrated the milestone years of service for several staff members.  

Honorees included the following:

Recognition for their services and best wishes on their next journey:

  • Julie Samuelson, Julie Hendricks, Bethan VonSpreckelsen, Joni Martin & Quinton Hite

Those completing their first year of service to D-T:

  • Abigail Huggins, Secondary Social Studies
  • Emma Thede, Secondary Math
  • Joanna Heuermann, Secondary FCS
  • Rhiannon Dyer, Preschool
  • Rob Kerr, Secondary Social Studies
  • Cindy Warm, Nutrition Services
  • Missy Shoemaker, Nutrition Services
  • Oscar Mora, Nutrition Services / Custodial 
  • Tiffanie Oswald, Long Term Sub 
  • Devon Olson, Maintenance/Custodial

The following completed their 5th year of service to D-T:

  • Misty Shaul, Library Paraprofessional
  • Pam Ahlman, Elementary Music
  • Kristi Rollins, Preschool
  • Ben Gehring, Secondary Science
  • Cecilee Huelsnitz, Special Education
  • Stacey McCarty, K-12 Art
  • Betsy Reich - Secondary Spanish
  • Deb Powell - Secondary Music
  • Andee Turner - Secondary Language Arts 

Kendra Stratton, 5th-grade teacher, was honored for her 10 years of service.  Bob Samuelson, paraprofessional, and Julie Starman, Bus Driver, were both honored for 15 years of service to D-T.  Chris Seberger was recognized for 20 years of service and Steph Roach was thanked for her 25 years of service.

Finally, the guest of honor was Wendy Toben who was honored for his 50 years of service as a bus driver for Doniphan and Doniphan-Trumbull Public Schools.  Wendy has driven over 18,000 routes in his career, spanning over 360,000 miles in just daily routes (not to mention any activity route miles), and has safely transported over 400,000 students (some multiple times).  D-T is sincerely thankful for his service, his family's support, and his willingness to serve public schools in this manner!