Tiff Oswald and Lisa King pose for a photo.

Long Term Subs To The Rescue 

DT hires full-time substitute teachers 

By: Olivia Hoppe

Doniphan-Trumbull is fortunate to have two long-term, dedicated substitute teachers for the 2021-22 school year. Mrs. Lisa King and Mrs. Tiffany Oswald have become familiar faces in the halls of the school. King and Oswald substitute in both the elementary and high school and are always prepared to help out the teachers at DT. 

“I love working with all ages of children and being in a different room every couple of days,” says Oswald.

Many schools are facing a shortage of substitute teachers, and DT is no different. The Covid-19 pandemic had a major effect on the availability of substitutes. Many older substitutes chose not to come back after the pandemic. There are also a lot of job openings in other areas outside of education, further affecting substitute teacher availability. Doniphan-Trumbull is lucky to have two built-in subs that allow the classroom lessons to continue without skipping a beat. 

“I’m so grateful to have Lisa and Tiff in the building. It’s nice to know that when I have to be gone, that my classes are in good hands with teachers who know the kids, the technology we use and the school culture and rules,” said English teacher Mrs. Andee Turner.

It takes a special person to jump into a different classroom every day, and DT is lucky to have such great subs. Mrs. King was a long-term substitute last year in the FCS room. She enjoyed her time enough that she decided to commit to being a daily substitute this year.

 “I enjoy working with all age groups from preschool to high school, and the students at DT are welcoming and a pleasure to work with,” said King.

Oswald, who is originally a nurse, has stepped right into the sub role, after Oswald’s daughter, Carly Johnson, encouraged her to take the full-time substitute position at DT. Oswald subs in both the classrooms and the nurse's office.  

“This job works well for me, so I can help with farming, and we can enjoy our summers at the lake. The teachers always have the plans for the day set up with great explanations,” Oswald said. 

Being a substitute teacher can be difficult. They have to be able to be flexible and go with the flow. They also have to be able to manage many different types of classrooms.

“I already knew most of the staff and students, so that helped make my decision easier. Being a full-time substitute utilizes my degree in education and I get to do what I love to do which is teaching,” said King. “I don't mind adapting to different classrooms on a regular basis and I like the variety and flexibility that the job offers.” 

If the teacher shortage continues to rise, Doniphan-Trumbull will look into hiring more full-time substitutes to help the school stay open.