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Vision: Innovate. Serve. D-T.

Mission: Serving every student, with a quality education in a safe and positive learning environment

Core Values: Integrity. Growth. Respect

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  • Regular Board Meetings are scheduled on the 2nd Monday

    of every month.  

  • All meeting notices are published in the local Newspaper.

  • The agenda and minutes are available on the public viewing Sparq website linked here.

  • Meeting minutes prior to January 2022 are available below.

 Communication Procedures with the Board of Education and School Personnel
The Board recognizes that questions or concerns regarding the operation of the school district will arise. The Board further believes that constructive criticism can assist in improving the quality of the education program and in meeting individual student needs more effectively. The Board also places trust in its employees and desires to support their actions in educating students.

Parents and community members wishing to contact the Board of Education regarding a specific school issue, teacher or child, are encouraged to begin at the level closest to the issue. The Board supports communication through informal conferences with the appropriate teacher, coach, or administrator. Communication with the appropriate school personnel should occur as soon as possible for a positive and expeditious resolution. The appropriate steps are:

Step One: Contact the teacher, coach, guidance counselor, etc.
Step Two: Contact the principal (If this is a school-wide concern, this becomes step one.)
Step Three: Contact the Superintendent at 402-845-2282.

When an issue requiring attention is received by the Board or a Board Member, it will be referred to the Superintendent. After the appropriate steps have been taken, a parent or community member may appeal to the Board by requesting a place on the Board Agenda or during the public audience portion of the Board Meeting. If an appeal is made to the Board, the appeal shall be in writing. It is to be signed and explain the process followed by the individual or group prior to the appeal to the Board as well as the issue to be addressed.

The Doniphan-Trumbull Public School Board of Education is a member of the Nebraska Rural Schools Community Association (NRCSA) and pays dues of $850.00, the Doniphan Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) with dues of $25.00, and the Nebraska Association of School Boards (NASB) with dues of $4,478.00. The Doniphan-Trumbull Public School Board of Education does not directly pay any fees to any individual lobbyist or lobbying firm.

 D-T Chain of Command and Organizational Chart

Superintendent Contracts

Superintendent Transparency Act Notice

D-T ARP ESSER Use of Funds Plan

Link to plan that is continuously kept up to date


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