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American Ideals

What are American ideals? Everyone loves Independence Day. There are hot dogs, beach parties, baseball games, and fireworks. Have you wondered about the real significance of July 4 th .  Here are seven great reasons to love the United States of America. 1. What is Independence Day? The Fourth of July is our country's birthday. On July 4, 1776 our country's founders declared independence from Great Britain. This meant they would no longer follow the orders of Britain's king. This was an extremely dangerous thing to do since Britain had one of the world’s strongest armies and would . . . read more

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D-TPS "Year at a Glance" Calendar

2015-16 Adopted School Year Calendar....  approve 3-9-15. Plese click on the this link to see the calendar:  2015-16 "Year-at-a-Glance" Calendar Tentive 2016-17 Adopted School Calendar.... Approved 3-9-15 Click here:   2016-17 "Year-at-a-Glance" Calendar ****************************************************** 2014-15 "Year-at-a-Glance" Adopted Calendar  Approved 3-10-14   2013-14 "Year at a Glance" calendar... approved . . . read more feedback

Cardinals Players Club (CPC)

The CARDINALS PLAYERS CLUB (CPC) is a summer program being offered to all Doniphan Trumbull School girls and boys in grades 3-8th.  This program is designed to provide and incentive to improve the entire CARDINAL BASKETBALL skill level.  The goal for each of you would be to accumulate 30 hours of work between May 21st and August 17th (first day of school!)  That would ba an average of around 20 minutes a day which does not sound like much, but if we can get all of you doing the minimum and some of you who are . . . read more


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