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Involvement Policy

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Parent Involvment Policy

In accordance with Nebraska Statutes 79-4,242 to 79-4,245, it shall be school district policy to allow parents and guardians access to all textbooks, curriculum materials, school records of their children and to the extent they can be made available, standardized tests.

With reasonable advance request, parents will be allowed to attend and monitor classes, assemblies, counseling sessions, and other instructional activities, unless such attendance would substantially interfere with a legitimate school interest.

The school will provide parents with sufficient advance notice in the event unorthodox or experimental teaching methods, materials, surveys or other educational activities are being considered for implementation. Further, the school will not sanction the use of any research, testing or surveys which tend to inquire into the values, beliefs, or privacy rights of students without explicit written permission of parents to do so.

When parents object to curriculum material, teaching or counseling methods, or other education activities on the basis of conscience or religion and ask that their children be excused from participation in such, the school will honor such request and make a good faith attempt to provide acceptable, alternate materials or activities. Students will no be penalized with diminished grades in the event they are excused from education activities as a consequence of a parent's objections.

The Superintendent of Schools is directed to implement procedures which will facilitate this policy, including the development o a complaint form wherein parents can identify objectionable educational materials and activities along with suggested resolutions to their complaint.

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