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Doniphan-Trumbull Public School Board Policies








This policy manual contains the policies of the board of directors of the Doniphan-Trumbull Public School District. Policy development is a dynamic, ongoing process. New problems, issues, and needs give rise to the continuing need to develop new policies or to revise existing ones. 


Each person holding a copy of this manual has a duty to keep the manual current as new and revised policies are distributed by the central administration office.


How To Use This Policy Manual


The school district operates according to policies established by its school board. The board develops policies after careful deliberation, and the school administration implements them through specific regulations and procedures. The board reviews and evaluates its policies and makes revisions as necessary.


The manual is organized according to a numeric codification system. There are ten major classifications bearing a numeric Section Code.













Sub-classifications under each numeric Section are based on a logical sequence and coded by the sub-classification numeric code.


The index pages that follow each tab present the policies included in that Section. These index pages serve as a table of contents for each Section.


How To Find A Policy


There are two ways to find a policy. The first is to review the ten sections and determine which section the policy may be in. By turning to that section, you can review the table of contents to determine whether the policy is included. If the policy is included, you can turn to the policy by finding the correct code number in the upper right hand corner of the policy.


The second way to find a policy is to look up the policy in the alphabetical index found under the tab entitled "Index" at the end of the manual. It will direct you to the section and the policy code number. Again, you can turn to the policy by finding the correct code number in the upper right hand comer of the policy.


How To Read The Signs And Symbols


A variety of signs and symbols are used in concert with the numeric codification system. These are explained below:


            BP symbol indicates this is an actual policy adopted directly by the board for the governance of the district.  


Legal     This sign indicates the legal references. They tell the user where to find the statutes, case law, attorney general opinions, or  administrative rules that give authority to a policy.


Cross    Many policies in the manual relate to other policies in the Reference manual. Cross references are provided to assist the user in finding all of the related  policies.


Inquires about the policies included in this manual may be directed to the board members or to the superintendent by telephone at ( 402) _845____-_2282______  or by writing the school district at Superintendent, P.O. Box 300, Doniphan, NE  68832_.


These documents replace the documents dated before 2010 and any previous versions. Please discard earlier documents.   The official policies for the district will be considered to be on file in the Superintendent Office.

D-T PS Board Policies Table of Contents

D-T PS 100's District Organization

BP 100.01 Terminology used in this Manual

BP 101 District Legal Status

BP 102 Educational Philosophy

BP 103 Equal Educational Opportunity

BP 104 Educational & Operational Planning

BP 104.01 Annual School Census

BP 105 Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, Anti-Retaliation

BP 105.1 Sexual Harassment.docx

200's School Board

BP 201.01 Board Powers & Responsibilities

BP 201.02 Board Membership

BP 201.03 Board Qualifications

BP 201.04 Oath of Office

BP 201.05 Term of Office

BP 201.06 Board Vacancies

BP 201.07 Board Member Liability

BP 202.01 Board Member Ethics

BP 202.02 Board Member Conflict of Interest

BP 202.03 Board Self-Evaluation

BP 202.04 Ethics Violation

BP 203.01 Board Organizational Meeting

BP 203.02 President

BP 203.03 Vice President

BP 203.04 Secretary

BP 203.05 Treasurer

BP 203.06 Board Committees

BP 203.07 Advisory Committees

BP 203.08 Board Legal Counsel

BP 204.01 Regular Board Meetings

BP 204.02 Special Board Meetings

BP 204.03 Public Hearings

BP 204.04 Work Sessions/Retreats

BP 204.05 Open Meetings

BP 204.06 Closed Sessions

BP 204.07 Meeting Notice

BP 204.08 Quorum

BP 204.09 Rules of Order

BP 204.10 Agenda

BP 204.11 Board Minutes

BP 204.12 Public Participation at Board Meetings

BP 205.01 Policy Development

BP 205.02 Policy Adoption

BP 205.03 Policy Revision & Review

BP 205.04 Policy Communication

BP 205.05 Policy Suspension

BP 205.06 Administration in Absence of Policy

BP 205.07 Review of Administrative Regulations

BP 206.01 New Board Member Orientation

BP 206.02 Board Association Membership

BP 206.03 Board Member Development

BP 206.04 Use of Public Resources by Board Members

BP 206.05 St. Member of School Board


300's Administration

BP 300.01 Role of Administration

BP 301.01 Structure of Management

BP 301.02 Management Team

BP 301.03 Succession of Authority to the Superintendent

BP 301.04 Communication Channels

BP 302.01 Superintendent Qualifications, Recruitment, Appointment

BP 302.02 Superintendent Contract & Contract Non-renewal

BP 302.03 Superintendent Salary and Other Compensation

BP 302.04 Superintendent Duties

BP 302.05 Superintendent Evaluation

BP 302.06 Superintendent Professional Development

BP 302.07 Superintendent Civic Activities

BP 302.08 Supt. Outside Employment

BP 303.01 Administrative Positions

BP 303.02 Administrator Qualifications, Recruitment, Appointment

BP 303.03 Administrator Contract and Contract Non-renewal

BP 303.04 Administrator Salary and Other Compensation

BP 303.05 Administrator Duties

BP 303.06 Administrator Evaluation

BP 303.07 Administrator Professional Development

BP 303.08 Administrator Civic Activities

BP 303.09 Administrator Consulting/Outside Employment

BP 304.01 Administrative Regulations Development

BP 304.02 Monitoring Administrative Regulations

BP 304.03 Handbooks and Directives

BP 305 Administrative Code of Ethics


BP 400's Personnel

BP 401 Recruitment & Selection

BP 402 Equal Opportunity Employment

BP 402.16 Employee Coffee Act.docx

BP 403.02 Child Abuse Reporting.docx

BP 404 Duty Hours

BP 404.06 Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harrassment.docx

BP 404.7 Sexual Harassment Policy.docx

BP 405 Absences

BP 406 Absence from building

BP 407 FMLA Policy

BP 408 Adoption

BP 409 Drug Use

BP 410 Bloodborne Pathogens

BP 411 Infectious Diseases

BP 412 Personnel Files

BP 413 Sales Persons

BP 414 Orders of Supplies & Equipment

BP 415 Employee Use of School Facilities

BP 416 Activity Passes

BP 417 Political Activity

BP 418 FLSA Policy

BP 419 Disposal of Consumer Report Records

BP 420 Employee SS#'s

BP 421 Military & Family Military Leave

BP 422 Report Crimes, etc

BP 423 Wage & Deduction Info

BP 424 Professional Boundaries

BP 425 Prohibition on Aiding/Abetting Sexual Abuse

BP 426 Workplace Privacy

BP 427 Qualifications for Appointment as Teacher

BP 428 Qualifications for Appointment to Administravtie Postion

BP 429 Contract

BP 430 Certification

BP 431 Probationary Certified Employees

BP 432 Permanent Certified Employees

BP 433 Assignment of Duties

BP 434 Teacher Agents/Tudors

BP 435 Student Teachers & Pre-Student Teachers

BP 436 Substitute Teachers

BP 437 Professional Growth

BP 438 Teacher Training

BP 439 Evaluation of Teachers

BP 440 Reduction in Force Policy for Certified Faculty

BP 441 Leave of Absence

BP 442 Dual Sponsorship of an Activity

BP 443 Standards of Performance

BP 450 Qualifications of Non-Certificated Employees

BP 451 At Will Employees

BP 452 Hiring/Dismissal

BP 453 Classified Contract

BP 454 Assignment & Transfer

BP 455 Complaint

BP 456 Classified Staff - Bus Drivers

BP 457 Standards of Performance for Classified Staff

BP 458 Twelve Month Support Staff Vacations/Leaves

BP 459 Nine/Ten Month Staff Leave





500's Students

BP 500 Introductory Statement

BP 500.04 Anti-Discrimination:Anti-Harrassment.docx

BP 500.05 Kindergarten Enrollment

BP 500.1 Student Admission

BP 500.01 Attendance

BP 500.06 Sexual Harassment.docx

BP 500.2 Student Dis-Enrollment

BP 500.3 Student Assignment Including Transfer

BP 500.4 Full-Time & Part-Time Enrollment

BP 500.5 Student Residence

BP 500.6 Option Enrollment

BP 500.7 Foreign Exchange Students

BP 500.8 Attendance & Excessive Absenteeism

BP 501 School Census

BP 501.1 Parent-Student Handbooks

BP 501.2 Open Night

BP 505.07 Restraint & Seclusion

BP510.1--Student Discipline Policy

BP 510.2 Alternative Education Programs

BP510.3--Extracurricular activity discipline

BP 510.4 Drug & Substance Abuse

BP 510.5 Drug:Alcohol Testing.pdf

BP 520.1 Promotion & Retention

BP 520.2 Student Records

BP 520.3 Academic Progress

BP 520.4 Grading System

BP 520.5 Graduation

BP 520.6 Early Graduation

BP 520.7 Make Up-Work

BP 530.1 Activities Association

BP 530.2 Student Organizations

BP 530.3 Student Activities, Hazing, Fundraising

BP 530.4 Selection of Students for Participation

BP 530.5 School Dances

BP 540 Elimination of Discrimination

BP 540.1 Equal Opportunities

BP 540.2 Child Abuse/Neglect

BP 540.3 Married/Pregnant Students

BP 540.4 Corporal Punishment

BP540.5-Search and Seizures

BP 540.6 Vandalism

BP 540.7 Health Regulations

BP 540.8 Communicable Diseases

BP 540.9 Health Screenings

BP 541.1 Student Law Violations

BP 541.2 Student Missing Persons

BP 541.3 Student Law Interviews

BP 541.4 High Ability Learners

BP 541.5 Anti-Bullying

BP 541.6 Student Fees

BP 541.7 School Wellness Policy

BP 541.8 Homeless Students

BP 541.9 Student Privacy Protection

BP 542 Dating Violence

BP 543 Class or Student Gifts

BP 544 Student Memorials

BP 545 Bus Transportation

BP 545.1 Use of School Buses

BP 545.2 Special Education Transportation

BP545.3--Safe Pupil Transportation Plan

BP 546 Asthma & Allergic Protocol/Plans


600's  Instruction

BP 600 Instruction General Statement

BP 600.1 Equal Opportunity Instruction

BP 601. Scope of Instructional Program

BP 601.1 Curriculum Review Cycle

BP 601.2 Objectives of Instructional Program

BP 601.3 Curriculum Adoption

BP 601.4 Curriculum-Assessments

BP 601.5 Academic Standards

BP 601.6 Curriculum Guides

BP 601.6 Reading Instruction:Assessment.docx

BP 601.7 Grading Guidelines

BP 602 Program of Instruction

BP 602.1 Classroom Grouping

BP 602.2 Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials

BP 602.3 School Instructional Hours

BP 602.4 School Day for Students

BP 602.5 Experimental Program

BP 602.6 High Ability Learners

BP 602.7 At-Risk Program

BP 602.8 Multicultural Program

BP 602.9 ESL Program

BP 602.10 Alternative Education Program

BP 602.11 Student Production of Materials

BP 603 Dual Enrollment

BP 604 Homework

BP 604.1 Guidance Program

BP 604.2 Field Trips

BP 605 District Activities

BP 605.1 Activity Funds Management

BP 605.2 School Colors

BP 605.3 Student Payment of Material Fees

BP 606 Dedications/Commencement

BP 606.1 Student Promotion/Retention

BP 606.2 Early Graduation

BP 606.3 Commencement

BP606.4--Ceremonies and Observances and Pledge

BP 607 Animals in the Classroom

BP 607.1 Collection of Money by Teachers

BP 607.2 Selection/Review of Materials Selected for Media Centers

BP 608 Textbook Loan Program

BP 608.1 Parent Request for Exclusion

BP 608.2 Recognition of Religious Beliefs

BP 608.3 Acknowledgment of Religious Holidays

BP 608.4 Religion in the Curriculum

BP 608.5 Purpose of Religion in the Curriculum

BP 609 School Volunteers

BP 609.1 Controversial Issues

BP 609.2 Controversial Issues in Classroom/Teacher

BP 610 Parental/Community Involvement in School

BP 610.1 Title I Parental Involvment.docx

BP 611 Free & Reduced Priced Meals

BP 611.1 Safe Schools Policy

BP 611.2 Emergencies

BP 611.3 Fire Drills

BP 611.4 Emergency Cancellation of School

BP611.5--Classroom Environment

BP 612 - 613.4 Special Education Policies

BP 614 Firearm Policy

BP 615 Internet Safety & Technology Usage

BP 616 Chronic Diseases

BP 616.1 Return To Learn From Cancer

BP 617 Dispensing Medications

BP 618 Management of Diabetes/Asthma Plan

BP 621.2 Instruction Academic Standards

BP 628.3 Concussions



700's  Business Operations

BP 701 Fiscal Management Goals

BP 701.01 Fund Balance Reporting

BP 702.01 Fiscal Year

BP 702.02 Budget Planning

BP 702.03 Budget Adoption Process

BP 703 Managing Capital Reserves

BP 704.01 Deposits and Transfers

BP 704.02 Records Management & Disposition

BP 704.03 Inventories

BP 704.04 Audits

BP 704.5 School Depository

BP 704.06 Student Activities Fund Management

BP 704.07 ESSA.docx

BP 704.08 Impress Fund

BP 704.10 Insufficient Funds.docx

BP 705.01 Local, State, Federal Revenues

BP 705.02 Usage Fees

BP 705.03 Free Admissions

BP 705.04 Grants, Gifts, Requests

BP 705.06 Bonds

BP 706.01 Purchasing Procedures

BP 706.02 Petty Cash

BP 706.03 Bidding Procedures

BP 706.03.1 Bidding Construction Projects

BP 706.04 Vendor Relations

BP 706.05 Purchasing on Behalf of Employees

BP 706.06 Paying for Goods & Services

BP 706.07 Coop Purchasing

BP 706.08 Contracting for Services

BP 706.09 Travel Expense

BP 707.01 Payroll Procedures

BP 707.02 Salary Deductions

BP 707.03 Expense Authorization

BP 708.01 Insurance Programs

BP 709 Cash in School Buildings

BP 710 Disposition of School Properties


800's  Support Services

BP 801.01 Transportation

BP 801.02 Special Education Transportation

BP 801.03 Bus Scheduling/Routing

BP 801.04 Bus Safety Program

BP 801.05 Bus Driver Supervision

BP 801.06 Transportation Extra-Curricular Activities

BP 801.07 Summer School Transportation

BP 801.08 Transportation of Nonresident Students

BP 801.09 Transportation of non-school groups

BP 801.10 Transportation in Inclement Weather

BP 801.11  School Owned Vehicles

BP 801.12 Transportation in Private Vehicles

BP 801.13 Transportation Records

BP 801.15 Use of Video Camera's on Buses

BP 802.01 School Food Program

BP 802.02 Procurement Policy

BP 802.03 Collection of Tickets/Money

BP 802.04 Food Program Records

BP 802.05 Free or Reduced Meal Charges

BP 802.06 Vending Machines

BP 803.01 Photocopying Services

BP 803.02 Mail Delivery Service

BP 803.03 Telephone Service

BP 804.01 Computer Security

BP 804.02 Data Records Retention

BP 805.01 Insurance


BP 900's Building and Sites

BP 901 Objectives of Building & Sites Fund

BP 901.01 Building & Sites Fund

BP 902.01 Building/Sites Long Range Planning

BP 902.02 Construction Plans/Specifications

BP 902.03 Site Acquisition

BP 902.04 Bids & Awards for Construction Projects

BP 902.05 Construction Management At Risk Construction Alternative

BP 902.06 Design-Build School Construction Alternative

BP 902.07 Repair/Construction of Existing Buildings

BP 903.01 Building Security

BP 903.02 Access to District Buildings

BP 903.03 Maintenance Schedule

BP 903.04 Requests for Building Improvements

BP 903.05 ADA Compliance

BP 903.06 Building/Ground Reports

BP 903.07 Traffic & Parking

BP 903.08 Vandalism

BP 903.09 Energy Conservation

BP 904.01 Disposition of Obsolete Equipment

BP 904.02 Lease, Sale or Disposal of School Buildings/Sites

BP 904.03 Naming New Facilities

BP 905.01 Facilities Inspections

BP 905.02 Annual Emergency Safety Plan

BP 905.03 Warning Systems

BP 905.04 Advertising

BP 905.05 Hazardous Materials

BP 905.06 Accident Reports

BP 905.07 Safety Drills

BP 905.08 School Closings/Cancellations

BP 905.09 Eye Protective Devices


BP 1,000's Community/Educational Agency Relations

BP 1000's Community & Education Agency Relations

BP 1001 Principles and Objectives for Community Relations

BP1002--Annual Report

BP 1003 Public Examination of District Records

BP 1004.01 Media Relations

BP 1004.02 Press Releases, Conferences and Interviews

BP 1004.03 Live Broadcast/Videotaping

BP 1004.04 Crisis Management Communication

BP 1005.01 Public Complaints

BP 1005.02 Parent Relations Goals

BP 1005.03 Parent Involvement in Schools

BP 1005.04 Community Relations Goals

BP 1005.05 Community Input in District Decisions

BP 1005.06 Community Resource Persons

BP 1005.07 Visitors to School

BP 1005.08 Public Conduct on School Premises

BP 1005.09 Skateboarding and Rollerblading

BP 1005.10 Distribution or Posting of Materials

BP 1005.11 Volunteers

BP 1005.12 Title 1 Member Engagement

BP 1005.12 Recording Others.docx

BP 1006.01 Community Use of District Buildings/Sites/Equipment

BP 1006.02 Smoke-Free Environment

BP 1007 Education Agency Relations

BP 1008 Service Dogs



***The official policies for the district will be considered to be on file in the Superintendent Office.***

Updated October 23, 2018

















































































































































































































































































































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