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2K22 Gameplay Rework makes 2K Fun Again

October 20, 2021

2K22  gameplay rework makes 2K fun again By: Camdyn Beirow   Basketball fans rejoice for the yearly edition of the popular basketball video game, NBA 2K22. NBA 2K22 is . . . read more

Cardinals Head South to Play Rival: DT Falls to STC

October 20, 2021

Cardinals head south to play rival DT falls to STC By: Jaden Williams On Sept. 21, the 7-6 Doniphan-Trumbull Cardinal volleyball team traveled south to play a volleyball match against . . . read more

Coaches Saying a Hard Goodbye: DT Volleyball Coaches Last Year Coaching

October 20, 2021

Coaches saying a hard goodbye DT Volleyball coaches last year coaching By Kaleah Olson After 6 years of coaching together for Doniphan-Trumbull volleyball, all three of the coaches will . . . read more

DT Adds New Math Teacher: Thede's Passion For Math Brings Her Close to Home

October 20, 2021

DT Adds New Math Teacher                      Thede’s passion for math brings her close to home . . . read more

DT Volleyball Wins Triangular: DT Defeats Gibbon and Central City

October 20, 2021

DT volleyball wins triangular DT defetes Gibbon and Central City  By: Emily Shimmin   On Sept. 14th, 2021, on a Tuesday evening, the DT volleyball team traveled to Gibbon . . . read more

From the Tiger Den to the Cardinal Nest: DT Welcomes History Teacher Mr. Kerr

October 20, 2021

From the Tiger Den to the Cardinal Nest DT welcomes history teacher Mr. Kerr   By: Benjamin VanDiest    DT had many new faces to introduce when they . . . read more

Get Your BAKKE On

October 20, 2021

Get Your BAKKE On DT students start a new business at the school By: Ridley Sadd   The DT Entrepreneurship class is ready to bake. A group of junior students are starting a . . . read more

Junking Adventures With Jess: Junk in Our Hometown

October 20, 2021

Junking adventures with Jess Junk in our hometown By: Gracie Richter   Jessica Dee Richter is a local member of our community with four kids, including me, who all are . . . read more

Pumpkin Spice Isn't That Nice

October 20, 2021

Pumpkin Spice Isn’t That Nice  By: Brylee Shafer Fall is in the air, which means everybody’s favorite fall drink flavor; pumpkin spice is in season. But not . . . read more

Time to Go & Get A Makeover: "He's All That" is about makeovers

October 20, 2021

Time to Go & Get A Makeover  “He’s All That” is about makeovers By: Lacie Naden   If you like Tik Tok, music, dancing, and makeover montages, then . . . read more

Wood River-Shelton Gets First Win Against Doniphan-Trumbull: WRS outlast DT in Nail-biter

October 20, 2021

Wood River-Shelton gets first win against Doniphan-Trumbull WRS outlast DT in nailbiter   By: Kaedan Detamore   Doniphan-Trumbull was looking to get their second . . . read more

Is It Worth The Hassle? Schedule Change Causes Headaches

September 16, 2021

Is it worth the hassle? Schedule change causes headaches By: Brylee Shafer   DT high school implemented block scheduling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to give students more learning . . . read more

Cardinal Pep! Annual Doniphan Pep Rally

September 15, 2021

Cardinal Pep! Annual Doniphan Pep Rally  By: Kaleah Olson The Doniphan-Trumbull Booster Club was able to hold their annual Pep Rally at the football field Friday, Aug. 20 with an . . . read more

Cardinals Fall In Season Opener. NPSP Too Much For DT

September 15, 2021

Cardinals Fall In Season Opener NPSP To Much For DT   By: Kaedan Detamore   Doniphan-Trumbull started their season off by traveling to North Platte to play the #8 . . . read more

Mandated Mast A Memory

September 15, 2021

rs and face shields were not seen as DT opened its doors for the 2021-2022 school year on Thursday, Aug. 19. With Covid-19 still rearing its ugly head, there’s still a possibility that DT students and staff will have to mask up . . . read more

New Face Runs Sideline

September 15, 2021

New Face Runs Sideline DT opens season with new staff By: Jaden Williams The team is two games into its season, and fans have undoubtedly noticed a new head coach around the . . . read more

New In The Nest

September 15, 2021

New In The Nest DT gets new Superintendent By: Koen Johnson   The Cardinals welcome new superintendent, Iowa native, Mr. Jeremy Braden. Last year when former Superintendent . . . read more

New Schedule Has To Go

September 15, 2021

New Schedule has to Go Schedule doesn’t benefit anyone By: Camdyn Beirow   A new school year brings back amazing experiences and opportunities. New sports seasons, new . . . read more

New Year, New Schedule

September 15, 2021

New Year, New Schedule  Cardinals get a glimpse at block scheduling this year  By: Ridley Sadd   As the Cardinals start the new school year, they have probably . . . read more

Science Teacher Turned AD. Mogilefsky Takes Over Athletic Department

September 15, 2021

Science teacher turned AD Mogilefski takes over athletic department  By: Gracie Richter    As the new school year approached, Doniphan-Trumbull announced that Mr. . . . read more

Welcoming New Foreign Exchange Students

September 15, 2021

Welcoming New Foreign Exchange Students DT welcomes someone new By: Lacie Naden   The beginning of a new year brings in a new group of exchange students, including Ben . . . read more

Cardinals Get Career Ready

September 14, 2021

Cardinals Get Career Ready  New Programs prepare for life after high school By: Olivia Hoppe    Big changes are happening at Doniphan-Trumbull, as teachers and . . . read more

No More Energy Drinks For DT

September 14, 2021

No More Energy Drinks For DT by Emily Doniphan-Trumbull High School opened its doors for the new school year, and many sleepy students have already noticed a big change. The handbook has long officially banned energy . . . read more

Back To The Platte River

March 12, 2021

  Back to the Platte River  The cranes have arrived in town By: Addie Fay   As February comes to an end, the Sandhill Cranes make their appearance in Nebraska. Approximately 600,000 Sandhill . . . read more

Taking It To the Mat

February 24, 2021

  Taking it To the Mat Wrestler’s hard work pays off By: Camdyn Beirow   Colton Horne has accomplished a lot in his wrestling career, his 100th win, becoming a 2 time LouPlatte . . . read more

Hip Hip Hooray It's NWEA Day

February 17, 2021

    Hip Hip Hooray It’s NWEA Day Students celebrate strides By: Kayla Kennedy            This year DT celebrated their success on Thursday, . . . read more

Standardized Test or Standardized Stress?

February 10, 2021

  Standardized Test or Standardized Stress By: Brylee Shafer “Hello Scholars,” as the famous John Baylor says at the beginning of every ACT Prep video. Hearing this phrase means a rush of anxiousness about . . . read more

Test? More Like Give Me a Rest

February 10, 2021

  Test? More Like Give Me A Rest Test Anxiety Is Getting The Better Of Students By: Katrina Caraway   Testing is one of the most hated things to do from a student's perspective, as many students . . . read more

Dive In With Nia

February 5, 2021

  Dive in with Nia FIll year’s only swimmer By: Brylee Shafer  Early morning practices are one thing that most athletes dread. For sophomore Nia Fill, it’s normal. Fill, who has been . . . read more

10 Ways to Improve Your Body Positive This Year

February 5, 2021

10 ways to improve your body positivity this year By: Kayla Kennedy      Body image and self-confidence are challenging topics for many people. Men and women are constantly comparing themselves to . . . read more

Thomas Takes It Back

February 5, 2021

  Thomas Takes it Back The Hate U Give sequel hits shelves By: Lacie Naden   If you liked Ange Thomas’s award-winning novel The Hate U Give, then you might like her newest book, . . . read more

PS5: The Future of Gaming is Here

February 5, 2021

  PS5: The Future of Gaming is Here console worth the wait and hassle? By: Camdyn Beirow   If you’ve been around me since the middle of November, you’d know that I was trying to get my . . . read more

Social Media Standard

February 3, 2021

  Social Media Standard How social media is affecting body image By: Grant Turner In a time where nearly everybody has some form of social media, it can be hard not to be influenced by what is seen on the . . . read more

Posters For Positivity

January 29, 2021

  Posters for Positivity Two Junior Students try to make a change By: Katrina Caraway   Two journalism students at Doniphan-Trumbull have taken on the project of spreading body positivity . . . read more

Valograms For Valentine's

January 28, 2021

  Valograms for Valentine’s  Student Council sells cookies for Valentine’s Day By: Addie Fay     As Valentine’s Day comes around the corner, Student Council . . . read more

A New Experience: DT Welcomes A New Exchange Student

January 22, 2021

  A new experience DT Welcomes a new exchange student By: Camdyn Beirow    The small town of Doniphan might be seen as boring, a lot of “the same-old thing” for most of us, . . . read more

Welcoming New Exchange Student

January 22, 2021

    Welcoming New Exchange Student DT welcomes a new friend  By: Lacie Naden     Coming to a different country can be scary but for the brave few who choose to study . . . read more

At It Again: Jr High Boys Basketball Is Back In Session

January 21, 2021

  At it again JH boys basketball is back in session By: Raegan Saylor  JH basketball starts its season Monday the 11th with a game at DT.  They have had a few practices and some . . . read more

Behind the Shot

January 20, 2021

      Behind the Shot Following the career of a senior at DT, Madison Shimmin By: Kayla Kennedy    Basketball is a very competitive and mental sport that many enjoy, but . . . read more

Eagles Tank

January 19, 2021

  Eagles Tank Washington Gets an Easy Win from Eagles By: Grant Turner After an interesting game this past weekend, the Washington Football Team will most likely be NFC East division champs after beating the . . . read more

Diving Into The Soul

January 15, 2021

  Diving Into The Soul A new Pixar movie appears on Disney+ By: Addie Fay   Ever wonder where your soul came from? Why some things make you happy, while other things make you sad? From the . . . read more

Lady Cardinals Get Their Season Started Again

January 15, 2021

  Lady Cardinals Get Their Season Started Again Doniphan-Trumbull Girls Come Back From Christmas Break By: Katrina Caraway   The Doniphan-Trumbull girls basketball team played a tough Ravenna . . . read more

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