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Journalism 2020-2021

January 29, 2021

DT journalism students work hard to learn about different elements of the journalism field: writing, photography, and design. Throughout the year, the students practice writing different kinds of news articles; they practice everything from . . . read more

Back To The Platte River

March 12, 2021

  Back to the Platte River  The cranes have arrived in town By: Addie Fay   As February comes to an end, the Sandhill Cranes make their appearance in Nebraska. Approximately 600,000 Sandhill . . . read more

Taking It To the Mat

February 24, 2021

  Taking it To the Mat Wrestler’s hard work pays off By: Camdyn Beirow   Colton Horne has accomplished a lot in his wrestling career, his 100th win, becoming a 2 time LouPlatte . . . read more

Hip Hip Hooray It's NWEA Day

February 17, 2021

    Hip Hip Hooray It’s NWEA Day Students celebrate strides By: Kayla Kennedy            This year DT celebrated their success on Thursday, . . . read more

Standardized Test or Standardized Stress?

February 10, 2021

  Standardized Test or Standardized Stress By: Brylee Shafer “Hello Scholars,” as the famous John Baylor says at the beginning of every ACT Prep video. Hearing this phrase means a rush of anxiousness about . . . read more

Test? More Like Give Me a Rest

February 10, 2021

  Test? More Like Give Me A Rest Test Anxiety Is Getting The Better Of Students By: Katrina Caraway   Testing is one of the most hated things to do from a student's perspective, as many students . . . read more

Dive In With Nia

February 5, 2021

  Dive in with Nia FIll year’s only swimmer By: Brylee Shafer  Early morning practices are one thing that most athletes dread. For sophomore Nia Fill, it’s normal. Fill, who has been . . . read more

10 Ways to Improve Your Body Positive This Year

February 5, 2021

10 ways to improve your body positivity this year By: Kayla Kennedy      Body image and self-confidence are challenging topics for many people. Men and women are constantly comparing themselves to . . . read more

Thomas Takes It Back

February 5, 2021

  Thomas Takes it Back The Hate U Give sequel hits shelves By: Lacie Naden   If you liked Ange Thomas’s award-winning novel The Hate U Give, then you might like her newest book, . . . read more

PS5: The Future of Gaming is Here

February 5, 2021

  PS5: The Future of Gaming is Here console worth the wait and hassle? By: Camdyn Beirow   If you’ve been around me since the middle of November, you’d know that I was trying to get my . . . read more

Social Media Standard

February 3, 2021

  Social Media Standard How social media is affecting body image By: Grant Turner In a time where nearly everybody has some form of social media, it can be hard not to be influenced by what is seen on the . . . read more

Posters For Positivity

January 29, 2021

  Posters for Positivity Two Junior Students try to make a change By: Katrina Caraway   Two journalism students at Doniphan-Trumbull have taken on the project of spreading body positivity . . . read more

Valograms For Valentine's

January 28, 2021

  Valograms for Valentine’s  Student Council sells cookies for Valentine’s Day By: Addie Fay     As Valentine’s Day comes around the corner, Student Council . . . read more

A New Experience: DT Welcomes A New Exchange Student

January 22, 2021

  A new experience DT Welcomes a new exchange student By: Camdyn Beirow    The small town of Doniphan might be seen as boring, a lot of “the same-old thing” for most of us, . . . read more

Welcoming New Exchange Student

January 22, 2021

    Welcoming New Exchange Student DT welcomes a new friend  By: Lacie Naden     Coming to a different country can be scary but for the brave few who choose to study . . . read more

At It Again: Jr High Boys Basketball Is Back In Session

January 21, 2021

  At it again JH boys basketball is back in session By: Raegan Saylor  JH basketball starts its season Monday the 11th with a game at DT.  They have had a few practices and some . . . read more

Behind the Shot

January 20, 2021

      Behind the Shot Following the career of a senior at DT, Madison Shimmin By: Kayla Kennedy    Basketball is a very competitive and mental sport that many enjoy, but . . . read more

Eagles Tank

January 19, 2021

  Eagles Tank Washington Gets an Easy Win from Eagles By: Grant Turner After an interesting game this past weekend, the Washington Football Team will most likely be NFC East division champs after beating the . . . read more

Diving Into The Soul

January 15, 2021

  Diving Into The Soul A new Pixar movie appears on Disney+ By: Addie Fay   Ever wonder where your soul came from? Why some things make you happy, while other things make you sad? From the . . . read more

Lady Cardinals Get Their Season Started Again

January 15, 2021

  Lady Cardinals Get Their Season Started Again Doniphan-Trumbull Girls Come Back From Christmas Break By: Katrina Caraway   The Doniphan-Trumbull girls basketball team played a tough Ravenna . . . read more

Band Plays On

September 21, 2020

   Band Plays On Through COVID-19 and Mask By: Addie Fay   COVID-19 might be interfering with music, but band director Mr. Jess Watson, has found a way to play through the masks. Watson gave each . . . read more

Better Late Than Never?

September 21, 2020

  Better Late Than Never? DT Staff Enforces New Policy By: Camdyn Beirow   As the new school year begins, DT students rush through the halls, racing to beat the bell as the junior and senior high . . . read more

Cardinals Controlling Covid

September 21, 2020

  Cardinals controlling Covid Cardinals trying to prevent outbreak By: Grant Turner   As the Novel Coronavirus continues to ravage the planet, highschools are being forced to take more and more safety . . . read more

COVID-19 Mental Health Aftershocks

September 21, 2020

COVID-19: Mental Health aftershocks  By: Raegan Saylor Whether it’s basic stress or deep depression, COVID-19 has negatively affected many peoples’ mental health. At Doniphan-Trumbull High school 60.3% . . . read more

Doughty Soars to Doniphan

September 21, 2020

  Doughty Soars To Doniphan  New Addition to Math Teaching Staff By Samuel Hoppe    There have been many new additions to the Doniphan-Trumbull teaching staff this year.  One new face . . . read more

DT Fights To Stay in School

September 21, 2020

  DT Fights to Stay in School  Masks, distance, sanitizer oh my!  By: Karsten Baxter  In March, the world shut down. When the quarantine originally started, it was in the hopes the COVID- 19 . . . read more

New Year, New Nest

September 21, 2020

  New Year, New Nest Gym gets upgrades By: Brylee Shafer Things are changing in the cardinal nest. Over the summer, an idea was hatched to renovate the gym and give it a well-deserved face-lift. New Year! New . . . read more

Selling Snacks has Kids Chomping Down

September 21, 2020

  Selling snacks has kids chopping down New program keeps bellies full By: Katrina Caraway   As students’ stomachs grumble late into the day, secondary principal Mrs. Michaela Goracke sets up to . . . read more

Substitute Numbers SUBstantially Low

September 21, 2020

  Substitute numbers Substantially low te COVID takes its toll on DTHS’ substitutes By: Kayla Kennedy   As the COVID-19 cases rise, substitutes drop. DTHS, along with schools around the nation, . . . read more

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