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Websites of DT Teachers

Teacher web sites are best viewed using Safari or Firefox as your web browser. 

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 Alcorn, Don JH Band & Choir, HS Band & Choir, Calculus Proxy  dalcorn@dtcardinals.org

Mr. Alcorn

 Barbee, Dylann

4th Grade

 dbarbee@dtcardinals.org      Ms. Barbee
 Bivens, Drew

General Math, Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, JH Math, JH PE

 JH Boys' Basketball

 dbivens@dtcardinals.org       Mr. Bivens
 Breckner, Brent

Government, Psychology, American History

Athletic Director, Head Football, Weight Tr


Mr. Breckner

 Buderus, Mandy

Speech, English 1, English 3, English 4/College Prep English

Assistant Volleyball, Student Council


Mrs. Buderus

Conner, Jordan

Special Education

Assistant Football



Mr. Conner

 Curlo, Elizabeth


Europe trip sponsor, JrClass


Mrs. Curlo

 Davis, Mark

American History, Western Civilization, World Cultures

Head Girls Basketball, Asst Softball, FreshClass


Mr. Davis

 Dillman, Karen 1st Grade  kdillman@dtcardinals.org

Mrs. Dillman

 Fischer, Julie Elementary PE  jfischer@dtcardinals.org

Ms. Fischer

 Gant, Glenda Kindergarten. Asst Track  ggant@dtcardinals.org

Mrs. Gant

 Garfield, Jane

Music, K-6th Gifted

One-Act, Drama


Mrs. Garfield

 Halloran, Tammy 3rd Grade  thalloran@dtcardinals.org

Mrs. Halloran

 Hanson, MaryAnn

Interior Design, Child Development, FCS 9, Explore, Foods, Fashion Merchandising

Sophomore Class Sponsor, FCCLA


Mrs. Hanson

 Happold, Lisa 2nd Grade & ELL Coordinator  lhappold@dtcardinals.org

Ms. Happold


 Hartman, Debra

5th Grade  dhartman@dtcardinals.org       Mrs. Hartman
 Hartman, Steve

Pride Program

Hd JH Football, Head Boys' Basketball,

JrH Track


Mr. Hartman

 Hatt, Corey

Algebra I, Algebra II, Trig/PreCalc, Pre-College Algebra, Stats

Cross Country, Assistant HS Track, Senior Class

      Mr. Hatt
 Hatt, Megan

Junior High & High School Special Education

HS Speech, Close-Up 


      Mrs. Hatt

 Head, Clint

PE 7 & 8, PE 9 & 10, Weights, Explore

Assistant Football, Head Wrestling, Weight Training, JrH Track

 chead@dtcardinals.org       Mr. Head
 Heath, Gina 6th Grade  gheath@dtcardinals.org

Mrs. Heath

 Herrmann, Brenda 2nd Grade  bherman@dtcardinals.org

Mrs. Herrmann

 Herrmann, Phil K-12 Art  pherman@dtcardinals.org

Mr. Herrmann

 Hoagland, Jamie 4th Grade  jhoagland@dtcardinals.org

Mrs. Hoagland

 Jones, Thera

Physical Science, Physics, Medical Terminology, Environmental Science, Science 8

Head Volleyball


Mrs. Jones

 Keasling, Jeff

Special Education

Assistant Boys Basketball

 jkeasling@dtcardinals.org      Mr. Keasling


 Klahn, Betsy

Social Studies 7, Jr. High Math, Jr. High Reading 

Head Dance Team

 bklahn@dtcardinals.org       Ms. Klahn
 Kopke, Sally Title   skopke@dtcardinals.org

Mrs. Kopke

 Lavaley. Jason

Biology, Biology II, Chemistry, Chemistry II, Science 7

Assistant HS Football 

 jlavaley@dtcardinals.org       Dr. Lavaley
 Linder, Sue

Elem. Guidance Counselor

Elem. Student Council


Mrs. Linder

 Mazour, Sandy Special Education  smazour@dtcardinals.org       Elementary Special Services
 Metz, Jeanne 1st Grade  jmetz@dtcardinals.org

Ms. Metz

Nollette, Kendra

5th Grade

JrH Ass G BB,

JrH Head Volleyball

 Pfeifer, Adam

Elementary Special Education

Assistant JrH Volleyball, Head JH Girls' Basketball, Head HS Track

 apfeifer@dtcardinals.org      Elementary Special Services
 Beth  Walker  Susanne    Sorahan   Pre-School



Preschool Website

 Rainforth, "Ginny" 3rd Grade  vrainfor@dtcardinals.org

Mrs. Rainforth

 Rainforth, Lori Elementary Special Education  lrainforth@dtcardinals.org       Elementary Special Services
 Saathoff, Gail 6th Grade  gsaathoff@dtcardinals.org

Mrs. Saathoff

 Seberger, Chris

Accounting, Digital Communications, Info Tech, Intro to Business/Personal Finance, Business Law & Communication, Business Academies, Jr. High Careers

Annual, Head Girls & Boys Golf


Ms. Seberger

 Sears, Melissa Media, Library (Media Specialist), Tech Integration  msears@dtcardinals.org

Ms. Sears

Book Nuts

Cardinal's Ledge

 Shafer, Trisha Kindergarten  tshafer@dtcardinals.org

Mrs. Shafer

 Sjuts, Nikki

Guidance Counselor

Peer Counselors, Junior Class Sponsor, National Honor Society


Mrs. Sjuts

 Sochor, Dave

Welding, Explore, IED 9, Power Tech, CAD, Woods

Skills USA


Mr. Sochor

 Thompson, Sheri


Elementary Special Education, K-12 Speech-Language Pathologist sthompson@dtcardinals.org       Elementary Special Services

 Welty, Desiree

Jr. High English, English 2, and Vocational English 

One-Act, Asst Speech, JrH St Co

 dwelty@dtcardinals.org      Ms. Welty

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